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My name is Alen (27 y.o.). I live in Lucerne and study music here (which does not mean that you need to read music or understand advanced music theory to play with me! But in case you do, good for you.).
I play drums and I want to start a band with serious people who do not "just play" for some meaningless reason.
I also gained my experience through touring, recording, composing, working as a "hired gun" on various projects and being taught by more experienced musicians... And of course I still have much to learn.

In "Musikstil" I chose Heavy Metal (because you can only choose one style :-/), but in fact many different styles and influences influenced me as a musician (besides Heavy Metal, which is my great love, there is also Jazz, Funk, Blues, Latin, Rock, Pop, Punk, Classical music, Oriental, Progressive ... in other words - everything a serious musician should know!).
I want you to bring YOUR influences as well (without done homework you can not make a new step forward!) and I want you to be just as you are, both as a musician and as a human being. And then we will see where the music will take us.
If you are sure that listening, creating and performing music honestly matters to you, PLEASE contact me.

And yes, I speak German too.


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