We (2 x Guitar & Drums) are looking for a motivated Singer and Bassplayer to start a new Bandproject in Zürich. Short term goals are to play a set of 8-12 rock/metal coversongs and have some good jamming. Long term goals….. who knows…. Most important is to have fun and motivate each other.
Songs we currently practice includes: GNR-Nightrain, Motorhëad-Ace of Spades, Alice in Chains-Man in the Box, Metallica-Sandman, Ghost-Cirice, Rats, etc….. your ideas are very welcome
Bandroom is in Zurich City. Oh, our age is between 45-50. We are not really picky on your age, but probably between 35-55 would fit best. Main language is English

Neill, Ralph and Luc

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